Agora Tech is a startup company that develops solutions and collaborates with other companies in areas:

– data mining & natural language processing
– asset management platform for oil & gas
– peer-to-peer energy trading

Data Mining & Natural Language Processing

– Data mining (text+image recognition)
– Data processing (aggregating, classificating, filtering, searching)
– Data management tools (GUI for data management)
– Data labeling tools
– Forecasting models
– Workflow optimization

Produkt information:

Asset Management for Oil & Gas

Agora Tech develops a revolutionary asset management advisory platform: ai2flow.

Our team has a lot of experience in practical asset optimization, application of machine learning and modelling techniques combined with an excellent track record and deep IT knowledge.

We work with people from leading world Universities, like Stanford University, Delft University, Russian Oil & Gas Gubkin University and so on. Therefore we can deliver world class technologies to our customers.

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Pear-to-Pear Energy Trading

Peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading allows prosumers (small-scale energy consumers and producers) to directly trade their electrical energy with other participants on a market without the need for a large central party.